Multiple Sclerosis / Motor Neurone Disease

Multiple Sclerosis Care in Leicester

At Aspire, by providing multiple sclerosis care in Leicester, we’re able to help the multitudes of people affected by this disease. Multiple Sclerosis is a long term disease that can affect most parts of your body and cause problems with basic bodily functions.

When diagnosed with MS life can suddenly feel daunting, with everyday task being a challenge at times. However, life can still go on as normal. We provide trained, professional, friendly, care and support to both individuals and families when coping with MS. By providing a wide range of live-in care options, we’ll have the right care package, bespoke to those under our care, including those suffering from multiple sclerosis.

Motor Neurone Care in Leicester

Here at Aspire, we provide motor neurone care in Leicester. Unfortunately, Motor Neurone Disease (MND) can progress over time. It can affect the nerves in the brain and spinal cord which can affect the way you walk, talk and breathe.

Not all symptoms are present for people with motor neurone disorder but people affected may still require help and support. Our trained professional workers will help you enjoy the best quality of life at home and managing your symptoms. By providing the right and bespoke live in care services for those under our care, those people living with MND can be well taken care of.

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