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Acquired Brain Injury Support Services Leicester and Leicestershire

Acquired Brain Injury Support Services

Recovering from a traumatic brain injury can be a daunting challenge to go through alone. For many, life as they know it will never be the same. Therefore, if you or someone you know is going through this difficult adjustment, it’s important to have a strong support circle around you to help you through it. The Aspire UK Home care team proudly step up to the challenge to try and help bring a sense of normality to our care clients. We strive to provide the highest quality day, wake night support and live in care services in acquired brain injury support in Leicester and Leicestershire.

Our specialist acquired brain injury services focus on rehabilitation at home, enabling our clients to live an enhanced life. Our qualified care and registered nursing staff work around the clock to provide acquired brain injury support, enabling clients to live an ordinary life, assisting to make the right decisions to keep safe and well but still take healthy risks and enjoy different experiences.

Personal care for acquired brain injury support in the UK

Navigating life after an acquired traumatic brain can be a frightening time for the individual and loved ones, you may find yourself re-learning how to do so much in your everyday life in new ways. Aspire UK offers Leicester and Leicestershire residents specialised acquired brain injury support services for individuals and their loved ones, in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

On this page, we will tell you more about home care for patients living with an acquired brain injury, the Aspire UK approach to care, and how our 20 years of experience makes us a leading provider in the UK. We provide general information about brain injuries and the components of necessary care. If you are looking for brain injury live in care or home care specialists, contact our team today.

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For people living with a brain injury

Our acquired brain injury services are tailored to the individual, providing a caring and supportive environment, and reducing the burden on loved ones. We help people with an acquired brain injury to complete daily activities in the comfort of home. Our care workers go above and beyond to ensure your loved one is well looked after, safe, and happy.

The ability to recover in the comfort and familiarity of your own home is so important to rebuilding a routine after an acquired brain injury. Our team help to support and build confidence in daily activities, hobbies, and errands. Our care workers can provide acquired brain injury support services to suit your needs and can accommodate whether your loved one needs help during the day, overnight or 24/7.

What is an acquired brain injury?

Living with an acquired brain injury can look drastically different from person to person. Acquired brain injury (ABI) is a broad term for all brain injuries that aren’t hereditary, congenital, or degenerative. There are a large number of possible causes, most commonly:

  • Head injury
  • Brain tumour
  • Stroke
  • Infection
  • Brain haemorrhage
  • Brain aneurysm
  • Encephalitis

Because of this, the impact on day-to-day life for a patient can vary significantly. Our brain controls everything we do, so an acquired brain injury can affect anything from physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioural abilities. At Aspire UK we believe in a personalised approach to care. Our qualified care staff are available to provide acquired brain injury support to facilitate daily independent living and rehabilitation for our brain injury patients, whatever that may look like.

The symptoms of a brain injury

Acquired brain injuries are complex by nature, the brain in so vital to almost every one of our basic functions, therefore the symptoms of an acquired brain injury can differ greatly from person to person. Common symptoms include:

Physical Symptoms of Acquired Brain Injury

  • Headaches and dizziness
  • Disturbed sleep, tiredness, and fatigue
  • Restricted range of movement
  • Loss of coordination
  • Epilepsy and seizures
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Loss of bodily functions

Psychological Symptoms of Acquired Brain Injury

  • Confusion and agitation
  • Lowered attention span
  • Difficulty processing new information
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty with problem solving
  • Inability to organise and plan
  • Frequent mood changes

Our fully trained care staff, overseen by our registered nursing team are available for 24-hour acquired brain injury support to help individuals reclaim their independence and take control of their day-to-day lives.

The Aspire UK approach to acquired
brain injury support

Personalised acquired brain injury support services in Leicestershire

Someone with an acquired brain injury can often feel very vulnerable and defeated, and as a result, need support and reassurance to live their daily lives independently. We believe in delivering care with compassion, respect, and dignity, treating every client as our family. Our approach has allowed us to become a trusted home care provider in the Leicestershire area.

Our team also knows the importance of personalised tailored care for those living with an acquired brain injury. At Aspire UK, we have specially trained staff for a number of complex and clinical illnesses, but first and foremost we care for the person, not just the illness. Each patient has different goals and aspirations, and an idea of what they’d like their life or recovery to look like. We tailor our care plans to support the individual!

We know that many family carers deal with stress and frustration and often struggle to keep up with the ever-changing needs of a loved one who requires acquired brain injury support. This is where the Aspire UK team steps in; to deliver the care that your loved one needs while also reducing your stress.

Backed by BABICM

Aspire UK are proud to have the support of the British Association of Brain Injury and Complex Case Management.

We and our qualified team strive to work closely with organisations like BABICM to help expand on the understanding of what surrounds acquired brain injury support services.


Acquired brain injury support service resources

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FAQs about acquired brain injury and home care for acquired brain injuries

Acquired brain injuries can be caused by a fall, a road accident, an assault, tumour, or stroke. For more information go to

Firstly a person with an acquired brain injury should seek advice from a Neuro Consultant. With the right professional guidance, it is likely they may regain some of their life skills, however, it is a long term condition. Every person’s brain injury is very different, and the person and family members will need to seek medical advice.

The brain is responsible for almost all bodily and mental functions, so some changes to the personality can be expected. Every case is different, if you are concerned by the changes you see in your loved one, seek advice from your consultant or GP.

Recovering from a brain injury can be a life-altering experience. Caring for a loved one with an acquired brain injury can be difficult to navigate alone. People with a brain injury need care to keep them safe, support their routine, and assist with everyday activities in order to take control back over their own life.

With residential care, your loved one is moved away from their home, often permanently. While there, the care staff’s responsibility is split amongst multiple people, losing that 1:1 attention. They also miss out on the comfort and routine of home. If you have questions about the differences between home care and residential care, we encourage you to speak with a member of our team.

Spinal cord injuries can occur suddenly without much time for preparation. Fortunately, you still have some options to make home care feasible.

1. Contact your local council and ask to put on the housing waiting list for an adapted property.
2. Contact Adult Social Care who could help you obtain grants so your home can be adapted to meet your needs.

We offer tailored care, ranging from one day per week to live-in care. We know that people in need of acquired brain injury support have varying needs and personalise our services to suit you and your family.

Many local charities will often support family members such as ‘Carers UK’. This website is a fantastic place for family members to find answers, and they can signpost you to local groups as well.

We offer tailored care, ranging from one day per week to live-in care. We know that people that require acquired brain injury support services have varying needs, and we personalise our care plan to suit you and your family.

Irwin Mitchell or Medical Accident Experts are two of many companies that can help you out. They may help get compensation, as well as assign you to a private case manager who will work with a care provider that will support your loved one.

Yes, ethical care companies do they work in partnership to enable you to get day to day support, and rehabilitation and ensure the right support that is appropriate for you.

The cost of care depends on your unique circumstances and how often a care worker visits. For information about the cost of care, speak with our team.

We are based in Leicester and mainly work with families across Leicester and Leicestershire. We provide care to people with acquired brain injuries across the UK.

Looking for acquired brain injury support services in Leicester or Leicestershire?

The Aspire UK team offer complex and personalised care to people who need acquired brain injury support. If your loved one could benefit from home care, contact our experienced team.

Offering Complex Care
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At Aspire UK we are dedicated to matching your loved ones with a member of our fully trained staff for the right medical, emotional, and psychological support. You can feel confident in knowing our skills and services are completely tailored to provide the best support to help achieve independence. From anywhere between 1 to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. our care workers go above and beyond to ensure your loved one is well looked after, safe, and happy.

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We want to make a difference in your loved one’s life and help them stay living in their own home. If you require home care services in Leicester and the surrounding county of Leicestershire, we invite you to download our brochure and book a free consultation.

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