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Choosing Care:
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Care at Home or a Care Home?

The realisation that your loved one needs extra support is often coupled with confusion and worry. But the decision between care at home and entering a care home doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We encourage all families to discuss their options and come to a shared decision. Below, we have listed some important points to consider when choosing care.

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Points to consider when choosing care

Does the provider offer specialised care based on your condition? Specialised care is important, particularly when your family member has a medical illness with particular requirements. At Aspire UK, we have staff trained to assist people with a range of illnesses, conditions and independence levels. We care for anyone 18 years or older requiring support to live independently. This includes people with physical or learning disabilities, and medical conditions like Parkinson’s, End of Life Care, MS, MND, Dementia/Alzheimer’s and post-stroke recovery.

How much do you love and value home? A home is not only comfortable and familiar, it is also a place of great sentimental value. If staying at home is a priority for your family member, home care is an excellent choice.

With Aspire UK’s range of home care services, including live in care, overnight care, respite care and more, you have a number of care options dependent on your situation.

How much support do you need? Some people require 24/7 care, while others only need a daily check-in. We offer flexible home care packages designed to suit your unique needs, with support available from one hour, up to 24 hours a day.

At Aspire UK, we encourage our clients to remain active in their communities with social outings, day care opportunities and social activities. Staying at home is an excellent choice if you value your current lifestyle but need some extra help to achieve daily tasks confidently. 

What is important to you? At Aspire UK, we greatly value independence, choice and dignity for our clients. If staying at home is important to you, our care team can facilitate your needs.

Learn more about the cost of care on our ‘paying for care’ page.

Are you looking for care on behalf of a family member? Or do you need support yourself?

The Aspire team offer home care services across Leicester and Leicestershire, helping people to safely live at home, stay independent and access their community.

Contact us today to learn more about home care or to start your journey with Aspire.

Home Care Services/Domiciliary Care for your loved ones

We want to make a difference in your loved one’s life and help them stay living in their own home. If you require home care services in Leicester and the surrounding county of Leicestershire, we invite you to download our brochure and book a free consultation.

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