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Returning home following a stroke can be a life-changing experience that often has a big impact on you and your loved ones. It can be daunting as you try to relearn how to navigate what was once familiar to you. Having someone by your side to provide compassionate post stroke care after the hospital can make the world of difference on your road to recovery, whatever that may look like for you, relieve some worry from your loved ones, and help you all to feel less alone in this journey.

Aspire UK has been working closely with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and other industry experts to deliver 20+ years of home care services to people across the Leicester and Leicestershire area. Our purpose is to help individuals live as independently as possible to help them work towards their own personal goals and live a happy fulfilling life.

Flexible post stroke care in Leicester.

At Aspire UK, the people we help are at the centre of all that we do. Stroke care after the hospital looks different from patient to patient as each one can vary not only in severity but also in their goals, aspirations, routines, and hobbies. We take a flexible approach to home care to suit the patient’s needs and recover in a way that works best for them. Whatever your goals, our friendly qualified care staff will be there to lend a helping hand from as little as 1-hour per day to 24/7 live-in care.

On this page, you will find everything you need to know about the effects of stroke, post stroke care at home, and the Aspire UK approach. Our decades of experience, person-centred care and compassionate staff are what make us a provider of choice when searching for clinical and complex care. If you or a loved one could benefit from post stroke care services, contact a member of our team today.

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What is a stroke and how can you catch it early?

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is cut off or reduced, often caused by a blood clot, or occasionally a haemorrhage. This causes the brain tissue to become starved of the necessary oxygen to function. Brain cells will quickly begin to die which is why understanding the signs of a stroke and acting fast is so important to reduce brain damage and further complications.

If you expect someone near you is having a stroke, look for the following signs:

  • Is their face beginning to droop on one side?

  • Can they raise both arms above their head and keep them there?

  • Has their speech become slurred; can they understand what you are saying to them?

When you notice any of these signs, dial 999 immediately.

What are the effects, post stroke?

The effects that follow a stroke can vary from person to person, often depending on how quickly they were able to receive treatment. For some, the effects can be short-term and can be overcome with time. While for others the effects can be long term and will need stroke rehabilitation to help them recover from a stroke and make life changing adjustments.

Common effects include:

  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Physical Pain
  • Restrictions in mobility
  • Sensory issues
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Problems with reading, writing, speaking and comprehension
  • Difficulty with memory and concentration
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Vascular dementia
  • Relationships and sexual strain
  • Emotional changes and mental health challenges.

Creating compassionate emotional support groups to help with stroke care after the hospital can alleviate some of the stress and difficulty of adjusting to life and navigating day-to-day with the above symptoms.

How to prevent a stroke

Watching a loved one go through such a traumatic experience can be frightening. While a stroke can affect anyone, especially as we age it’s important to understand the risk factors to help prevent them from occurring.

Potential Risk Factors:


High alcohol consumption

High blood pressure

High cholesterol



The Aspire UK approach to post stroke care at home

Post stroke care services
in Leicestershire

Returning to normality following a stroke can feel like a daunting task. It can be overwhelming to adjust to these changes. It’s important to have the right team behind you to support you with your post stroke care at home, developing a flexible post stroke care plan to help you on your journey.

At Aspire UK, our compassionate team of fully trained carers and nursing staff are dedicated to providing post stroke care services that support individuals and their family members to work towards personal goals, enjoy hobbies and regain independence in their own home.

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FAQs about post stroke care at home

We offer tailored care, ranging from Waking night to Sleeping In services. We know that people in need of post stroke care at home have varying needs and personalise our services to suit you and your family.

We offer tailored care, ranging from one day per week to live-in care. We know that people that require post stroke care services have varying needs, and we personalise our care plan to suit you and your family.

The cost of care depends on your unique circumstances and how often care support is required. For information about the cost of care, speak with our team.

We are based in Leicester and mainly work with families across Leicester and Leicestershire.

Looking for post stroke care services in Leicester or Leicestershire?

If you or a loved one could benefit from stroke care after the hospital, Aspire UK’s compassionate, experienced team could be the helping hand you’re looking for. Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today to learn more.

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