Working for Aspire UK: 20 years of rewarding experiences

As we approach our 20th anniversary next month, we have asked several of our team members what their experiences have been (some of whom have been with us since Day 1!), and what makes working for Aspire UK different to other care jobs in Leicester:

Davinder Toor is one of our most experienced carers. She says, “I feel very comfortable working for them, they have helpful staff and management, the provide quality of care and are very good established company to work for, the care staff and office work as a team.” 

Then according to Bhavik Makadia, a valued team member of 12 years, “you can freely talk about concerns to the office staff, management and even the Director, everyone is very supportive. Aspire provide full training as well as regular update training, we get to learn a lot.”

A more recent addition to the team, Guy Day, adds “I can honestly say it really is one, if not the best care company in the city and county. I find my job very rewarding; you have the opportunity to go further I you desire. I am proud of myself as I have dealt with a variety of challenging care calls, where I feel I have made a difference in people’s lives.”

When we set up Aspire UK, we wanted to ensure we gave all of our carers the ability to advance their careers in care, in a safe and engaging work environment that always felt rewarding. Our carers love what they do, and we love working with them, which is why provide so many benefits to our team including competitive hourly rates, full and constant updated training and round-the-clock support. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you are interested in joining the Aspire UK team, apply for one of our many care jobs in Leicester here or call us on 0116 262 1999.

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