Why home care is becoming vital for meeting the needs of Leicester’s elderly

By 2025, nearly half of Leicester’s elderly population could be turned away from care homes.

At the start of 2018 Aspire UK conducted originally research into the needs and requirements of Leicester’s growing elderly population (which the council defines as 80 years of age and over). Using the most recently available data provided by LLEP and Blaby District Council, Leicestershire’s elderly population is set to grow 53% by 2025, from 39,900 to 61,200 people. Of this number, an estimated 9,792 people (16%) will require care services.

Yet as this group grows in both age and number, it will result in a very real strain on resources for the elderly across Leicestershire, specifically in health care, where at maximum capacity Leicester’s 170 licensed care homes will only be able to actively care for up to 5,000 patients. This is significantly below what Leiciester’s elderly will need, resulting in nearly 5,000 people unable to receive care home treatment locally.

The stark reality is our current care home system is unable to meet current and future demand, requiring a shift in focus away from the traditional care homes to home care. This is why we at Aspire UK have focused our entirely effort on delivering the best in home care services.

What is home care and what makes it different to a care home?

In short, home care is where you or a loved one receives care and treatment from the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings, rather than being relocated into a care home. Whilst sometimes care homes are the only option, especially for complicated medical conditions that require more of a hospital setting, for many elderly being moved away from their homes is traumatic and emotional, and unnecessary when many health issues and medical conditions can be treated at home.

Home care also encourages people to be as independent as possible to ensure that they can remain safe and secure in their own homes, whilst leading an active and fulfilling life. In our experience, this results in happier clients that feel more at ease with their provided care.

Aspire UK caters to a whole range of different medical scenarios. Learn more about our Help to Live at Home care services here and give our friendly team a call on 0116 262 1999.

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