Understanding Stoma Care and Oxygen Therapy at home

If you or a loved one has been recently diagnosed with a stoma, it’s important to understand oxygen therapy and home care. Stomas are abnormal openings that can be created surgically in the abdomen to allow wastes to pass from the intestine into a special bag attached to the skin. Oxygen therapy may be necessary if you have a stoma due to a medical condition that affects your breathing.

To make this journey easier, we’ve outlined the basics of oxygen therapy and home care for those with a stoma.

Why is oxygen therapy critical for stoma care?

While oxygen therapy is most commonly associated with critically ill patients in hospital settings, it is also an important treatment for people with stomas. People with stomas may have difficulty absorbing oxygen due to the shortened length of their intestines. In addition, the stoma itself can be a source of infection and inflammation, which can further impede oxygen absorption. 

As a result, oxygen therapy is often recommended for people with stomas as a way to improve oxygenation and promote healing. The oxygen can be delivered through a variety of different means, including nasal cannulas, oxygen tents, and mechanical ventilation.  

It is typically administered on a doctor’s orders and closely monitored to ensure that patients receive the appropriate level of oxygenation.

What kind of equipment or medication do you need?

To begin with, you will need an oxygen source, which could be an oxygen concentrator, liquid oxygen system, or oxygen cylinders. You will also need a delivery system, which is typically a nasal cannula or face mask.

Given that you also will need to take care of the stoma in the process, there are special stoma care products that you can use to clean and protect the stoma site.

Is it safe to administer oxygen therapy at home?

While it is generally a safe and effective treatment for many people with stomas, it’s important to follow your doctor’s orders and monitor oxygen levels closely. If you or a loved one experiences any side effects from oxygen therapy, such as nausea or dizziness, be sure to report them to your doctor right away. 

Proper care and monitoring is required to ensure that there are no dangerous side effects or accidents.

Can professional care providers help with oxygen therapy at home?

When it comes to stoma care, many people find that professional care providers can be a valuable resource. Not only can they help with the initial setup of your oxygen therapy equipment, but they can also provide ongoing support and advice. In addition, they can offer assistance with stoma care products and supplies, making life very easy for you or your loved one.

Is it expensive to administer oxygen therapy at home?

If you have a stoma, you may be wondering if it is expensive to administer oxygen therapy at home. The good news is that oxygen therapy is typically covered by insurance, so you should not have to pay out of pocket for the cost of the equipment or the oxygen itself. 

However, there may be some other costs associated with stoma care, such as cleansing solutions and ostomy bags. These costs can vary depending on the type of stoma and the products used. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that oxygen therapy is a relatively affordable way to maintain your health and well-being.

Explore the potential benefits of oxygen therapy for stoma care with the right support

Today, oxygen therapy is an important part of managing stoma care and promoting optimal healing at home. Whether you are using oxygen through a nasal cannula or other delivery system, it is critical to monitor your levels carefully and work with healthcare providers as needed. 

With the right equipment and supplies, along with adequate support and guidance from medical professionals, it is possible to effectively manage stoma care at home and enjoy better overall health and well-being.

At Aspire UK, we try to make this experience as easy as possible with our range of home care services and specialist support. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


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