How to stay active as you get older

We encourage our clients at any age to be involved in social activities and – depending on their physical and mental conditions – to pursue an active lifestyle. It certainly has a positive impact on their health and well-being and improves the quality of their life. See below the main reasons why it’s important and how we can help you or your loved ones.

active lifestyle for elderly people

Staying active and social reduces the risk of developing depression

Feeling lonely and isolated often leads to depression. The scheduled activities in the diary are always something to look forward to and combat the monotony of the days. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make new friends and connections and keep in touch with them regularly.

Keeping a sharp mind is crucial for the elderly too

It’s never too late to learn something new, and studies have shown that an improved cognitive function can even reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. You can embark on an activity or hobby you have never had the time for or you can turn to something completely new. Many elderly people learn how to be digital, which gives them a better chance of being connected to friends and family.

Being social can help your physical fitness

Even if the activity is not an actual sport or formal exercise, you still have to get up, get dressed and leave the house. This might lead to a stronger body, which is more resistant to illnesses. During social events you meet like-minded, positive people who will have a favourable impact on your mental conditions, which reduces stress and leads to lower blood pressure.

How Aspire UK can help

Our home carers help our clients live an independent and happy life in their home, but not necessarily by always staying at home. They are very happy to accompany you or your parent to any activity they like or to social gatherings in the neighbourhood. On top of that, we have day services and friendly social activities in the Peepul Centre (Orchardson Ave, Leicester LE4 6DP) with the aim of keeping elderly people involved. We have a vibrant community enjoying social events such as day trips to local events, trips to cinema and theatre, pub lunches and park visits. Our day services include arts and crafts, gentle exercises, using social media, quizzes and bingo, singing and music.

Help your parents stay active and social even at an older age. Contact the Aspire UK team today to find out how we can help you with our home care services in Leicester.

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